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The Foster Triplets, celebrated traditional gospel singers, will perform live via the internet for the Greater Mt. Zion AME Church Youth Day Program at 10 a.m. Sunday, October 24. The 19-year-old sisters from Jamaica are the featured guests for the church’s program themed “Youth Walking Worthily for Christ” and spiritual reference Colossians 1: 10. Malaika, Mahari and Mikaili Foster are known worldwide for their melodious gospel music and inspirational message. “This is a rare opportunity for Greater Mt. Zion to have the renown gospel singers live with us for the Youth Day Program,” said Waycross attorney Huey Spearman, who represents the triplets. “Check the triplets out on Google (and) you will gain insight on the blessing you will receive.” The church’s youth will have the opportunity to interact on Zoom with the triplets and ask them questions during the Zoom video meeting. Youth Director Yvonne Lott and church pastor the Rev. Roshelle McCrae invite the public to join the special service and experience the ministry of the triplets on their electronic devices. The Zoom link information is meeting ID: 820 6839 3169 and passcode: YOUTHDAY. For those who do not have or use electronic devices, access to the program can be acquired by calling the Zoom telephone number 1-646-876-9923 US, the Meeting ID/Access Number 820 6839 3169 listed and then enter the Passcode/Participant Number 42403050. When dialing the zoom number and attempting to enter the Meeting ID/Access Number and Passcode/Participant ID Number, you may have to try more than once due to call volume. Redial as needed for access and please mute your phones.

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