Bariatric Surgery May Be For You!

 Coffee Regional Medical Center opened its Bariatric & Metabolic Center in October of 2020. Developed with the guidance of General Surgeon, Chet Royals, MD, and Emory Healthcare’s bariatric team, this new center offers a comprehensive weight loss program joining education and the latest surgical advancements to encourage weight loss success.

Our multidisciplinary team provides nutrition counseling, fitness coaching, psychological services, and individualized care plans. In a private, initial consultation, a member of our team discusses variables such as the patient’s weight history, relationship with food and overall health history. 

A free virtual seminar provides potential candidates with an overview of the program as well as the requirements for candidacy. Following the consultation, the Bariatric & Metabolic Center team will create the individualized plan complete with weight loss goals, support group information, and education to assist the patient throughout their weight loss journey. 

There are a few requirements to qualify as a candidate for bariatric surgery including a BMI of 35-40 with one or more comorbidities or a BMI of 40 or higher without a comorbidity. Obesity-related comorbidities include:


Sleep Apnea



Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease


As appropriate our surgical team offers a procedure known as Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, or “sleeve gastrectomy”. This is a surgical weight loss procedure that permanently reduces the size of the stomach by approximately two-thirds, thereby reducing the amount of food that can ingested post-surgery. This procedure is performed through small incisions in the stomach, resulting in a one-night hospital stay and little downtime. With this procedure, it is typical for individuals to reduce approximately 50-70% of excess body weight.

Not all patients are a candidate for this surgery, so our team has also developed a nonsurgical pathway to provide patients with the tools for weight loss without surgery. For both surgical and nonsurgical patients, our program includes counseling with our registered dietician, educating patients on the science behind food and how to use food to fuel your body. Fitness coaching is also available at our Wellness Center with certified trainers to introduce strength and endurance training to patient’s lifestyle routines. Psychological services are also offered by our partners with Emory Healthcare’s bariatric team. Patients have access to telemedpsychology appointments with Emory providers to identify mental barriers resulting in excessive weight gain.

For more information, or to schedule your consultation with our Bariatric team, please call (912) 720-9010 or visit our website at and watch our online seminar video.

Ready For A Lifestyle Change?

Bariatric Surgery May Be For You!

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