Ware, Pierce and Brantley counties each reported a death last week due to the coronavirus, according to data on the Georgia Department of Public Health website that tracks the spread of COVID-19 around the state. Ware County reported two deaths on Thursday, January 3 and another two days later, bringing its total to 209 since the pandemic began nearly 23 months ago. Brantley County reported its 82nd death on Thursday while Pierce County reported a death on Friday and Saturday to send its total to 93. The reports of the deaths come as the number of positive cases for the virus continues to decline in the three-county area and around Georgia. The rolling two-week number of cases per 100,000 population has dropped in each of the counties from pandemic-highs in Ware and Pierce as recent at 10 days ago, and near records in Brantley. The case trend in the area is part of one being experienced around the state where the report of cases has fallen from the previous day. Memorial Satilla Health had 34 patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, February 7, said Tina Kicklighter, Director of Public Relations & Communications. That’s three more than the hospital had a week ago. The patients aren’t necessarily being treated for the virus, but have had a positive test, Kicklighter noted. The deaths in Ware County were its first change in that part of the DGPH report since the county’s number was revised down 207 to 206 on January 17. Pierce County’s death on Friday was its first January 6. Brantley County had the most recent reported death on January 26. Ware County had 5,795 cases in the GDPH report for Monday, February 7, and a rolling two-week number of 806. That’s less than half the rolling number it was a week prior (1,779) and far lower than the pandemic-high of 2,050 reported on January 24. Pierce County had 2,710 cases on Monday with a rolling number of 710. A week ago that figure was 1,463, which was down from a pandemic-high of 1,663 on January 24. Brantley County had 2,430 cases on Monday with a rolling number of 828. That rolling number was 1,417 a week ago for a county that had its pandemic-high (1,818) on August 31, 2021. Monday’s report showed Ware with 289 cases reported the past two weeks. A week ago the case total for the previous two weeks was 638. Those corresponding numbers for were 141/286 for Pierce and 159/272 for Brantley. Statewide, there were 1,876,971 cases with 104,549 hospitalizations and 28,090 deaths on Monday’s report. The state’s rolling two-week number was at 1,028, down from 1,604 the previous Monday.

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