Vien Cam Luu

WAYCROSS — Vien Cam Luu, 83, died Wednesday evening, July 7, 2021, following an extended illness. Luu was born in Vietnam to Xao Luu and Shape Hua Luu. He was a metallurgist and an importer-exporter in international trade, speaking five languages, including Cantonese, Vietnamese, and French. Luu and his wife, To Tran Luu (Annie), with baby in the womb, fled South Vietnam on the night their home city of Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City was falling to the Viet Cong army in 1975. Escaping on an evening when the South Vietnam banks were closed, and with little time to gather things, they hurried to the American base with little. On one of the last American helicopters out of Vietnam, they were carried out to an over-crowded U.S. carrier ship, where they joined thousands of other evacuees. Fed only two bowls of rice daily, they were transported to the Philippines, Guam, and Hawaii. Given a choice among nations open to refugees, the Luu’s chose America and were brought to a military base in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, where they waited, needing an American sponsor. On July 4, 1975, the Luu’s arrived safely in Waycross, sponsored by the Henry Wynn family, who had answered the need and now helped them to find housing and work. Shortly after that, a childless Waycross couple, Fred and Dorothy Jones, adopted them in heart, choosing the Luus as son and daughter. In this family, they joined other “chosen” children, Sylvia Evans and Janice Hill. Luu became a naturalized U.S. citizen on June 14, 2000, at a ceremony in Brunswick. Having started afresh on arrival in Waycross, Luu worked for several companies in Waycross, including Gaston Photo Finishers, General Box, the City of Waycross, and Seaboard Coastline Railroad. He retired as a draftsman from Scott Housing. Survivors include his wife, To Tran (Annie) Luu of Waycross; son, Bobby Jay Luu of Lima, New York, New York; two older sisters, Kim Quang (Utah), Moon Kim (France); four younger sisters, Pu Kim (Hong Kong), Sue Yuan (Taiwan), Sam Woo (Augusta, Georgia), and Can Tran (California). In addition to the above, he is survived by his Jones family “adopted” sisters, Sylvia Evans (Lima) and Janice Hill (Waycross). The family received friends at 10 a.m., Monday, July 12, at Music Funeral Home. A memorial service was held Monday, July 12 with burial in Oakland Cemetery. Sympathy may be expressed by signing the online registry at

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